• Sure Seal® 800 Series Butterfly Valves


    The superior butterfly valve with the most corrosion resistant standard disc and stem for the chemical and food processing industry. Superior encapsulated design results in total encapsulation of the seat and disc/stem, providing the ultimate in contamination free service. In addition, every Sure Seal valve is tested to 110 percent of full pressure rating!
    Sizes 2" - 12" 

    Features and Benefits

    • Stem is standard 255, a duplex stainless which is more corrosion resistant and almost twice as strong as standard 316 stainless steel, eliminating shaft twisting and water hammer damage 
    • Top plate is machined to standardized drilling pattern allowing manual handle kits, and actuation, interchangeability also available in ISO patterns
    • Stem brushing composed of full strength, corrosion resistant ertalyte - absorbs operator side thrust
    • A third stem seal ensures absolute seal externally or internally for vacuum or pressure service 
    • Two patented O-seals give a sure secondary seal as the O-seal becomes part of the body and encircles the stem before entering the seat and disc area 
    • Hub and seat seals prevent product from attacking stem or body
    • Lug-style body has drilled and tapped lugs which meet ANSI 125 and 150 flange standards 
    • Flange seal provides an absolute seal to all flanges within specifications


    Sure Seal's Sure Torque™ Series is a proven winner in today's market.

    • Available in ISO 5211 Dimensional Standards, the actuator drive side directly mounts to Sure Seal Butterfly Valves 
    • SureTorque™ pistons are diecast aluminum and the pinion is carbon steel, electroless nickel plated 
    • All SureTorque™ actuators can be easily field converted from double acting to spring return by inserting the correct number of spring cartridges to the double acting unit, thus eliminating bulky housing extensions, saving weight and space 
    • The SureTorque™ Series ST is available with a variety of accessories