• Specification Tools

    NIBCO offers a variety of specification tools to help engineers including:


    Specification Review Service

    When was the last time you updated your specifications? If you have not reviewed and modified your specifications in the last 2 years, chances are your information is outdated. NIBCO can help! We offer a FREE "Specification Review" service to assist you in this critical area of your business.

    Have you considered:

      • Changes in industry standards and codes?
      • System design parameter changes?
      • Current manufacturers and product figure numbers available?
      • New and innovative product designs? 

    This service gives you direct access to NIBCO's sales engineers who will:

      • Review your current specifications and identify outdated areas.
      • Make recommendations on how your specifications should be revised.
      • Rewrite your specifications to include recommendations you accept.
      • Provide training on key issues affecting your future valve selection considerations.
      • Introduce and educate you on new and innovative products.
      • Take advantage of this free service.
      • Complete our online Specification Review Request Form.

     You will be contacted by a NIBCO sales engineer to begin the review process. 


    MASTERSPEC® has been the industry standard since 1969 and is used by more design and specification professionals than all other systems combined. Endorsed by The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). Email EngineeredSystemsRecommendations@nibco.com for current MasterSpec documents. 

    Valve Selection & Specification Guide for Building Services

    The NIBCO Valve Selection Guide provides product and specification information for the engineer who chooses to write his or her own specification, in lieu of following the MASTERSPEC® format. Download a PDF version.

    Specified Valve Index

    The NIBCO Specified Valve Index is a comprehensive valve index designed to help engineers identify pressure-rated metal valves for a variety of commercial construction applications. Download the PDF file: Specified Valve Index PDF