• Build-A-Submittal FAQ's

    Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions; check back often as we'll make updates as new questions arise.

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    You must first be logged in to Build-A-Submittal. There are a couple ways to create a submittal. Anywhere in the product sections, or in the “Build-A-Submittal” section, click on “Create New Submittal,” enter the name and save.

    It’s easy to add as many items as you need to your submittal. Select your submittal by name from the “My Submittals” box. From any of the product pages that have a spec sheet attached, click the “Add to Submittal” button. The spec sheet will be added to the selected submittal.

    In the box “My Submittals” in a pull-down menu in the box on the right, you will be shown a listing of your submittals. Choose the submittal name and that will become the active submittal when adding new products.

    We have provided a link on Build-A-Submittal page, “Add accessories to your submittal package.”  Select the accessories and they will be added to your submittal.

    Select the name of the submittal you want to edit and click on the “Update” link. This will provide you with options to change or remove items listed. You will be able to preview, update and save the changes.

    Submittal status options are Active, Open, Closed, Delete. You are in control of your own submittals, and you may choose to organize them as you wish. Your submittals will remain accessible until you delete them.

    Active – Once you select the submittal by name from the dropdown box on the right, your submittal is active. Your active submittal may be added to and edited.

    Open – Any submittal that is not closed is open. You may change the status to active for future activity on the submittal.

    Closed – When you are finished with a submittal you may wish to close it. When it is closed it will not appear in the dropdown box. You may change the status to open, active or delete by selecting “Edit Submittal.”

    Delete – You may completely remove a submittal by choosing delete. The submittal will no longer be accessible.

    In the status section of Build-A-Submittal page, there is an “Edit” button under “Cover Letter.” The create or edit function allows you to create a cover letter for your submittal.

    Your submittals will contain PDF files of spec sheets for the products you selected. On the main Build-A-Submittal page, you have the option to “View” your submittal after it is generated. Within that document, you can click on the PDF icons for “print,” or “save” to your computer.

    At the Status, click on the dropdown menu to select “Delete.” Click on the “Change” button. A pop-up will appear to ask if you are sure you want to delete. You will have the option to delete or cancel. 

    In an open or active submittal on the edit submittal page, select the product you wish to delete and click on the “Delete” button.