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    Gate Valve - Class 150, Ductile Iron, Bronze Trim, Flanged


    The NIBCO® ductile iron gate valve provides full flow with minimal pressure drop. The alloy iron non-rising stem gate valve features Class 150 raised face flanged end connections for easy installation and accessibility. Non-rising stem gate valves are recommended when positive shutoff is needed and space requirements dictate. With its ductility, this valve displays higher physical properties than standard grey cast iron.

    • 150 psi/10.3 bar saturated steam to 366°F/185°C
    • 250 psi/17.2 bar non-shock cold working pressure
    • Bolted bonnet
    • Solid wedge
    • Iron body bronze mounted (IBBM)
    • Class 150 raised face flanged end connections
    • Use in U.S. drinking water applications is prohibited after January 3, 2014
    • Conforms to MSS SP-128
    • Size range 2” to 16”
    • SKU
    SizeDescriptionUPCNIBCO #
    2F63931 2 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699343NHA701D
    2F63931SON 2 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923002402NHA703D
    2 1/2F63931 21/2 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699350NHA701E
    2 1/2F63931SON 2 1/2 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923002419NHA703E
    3F63931SON 3 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923699480NHA703F
    3F63931 3 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699367NHA701F
    4F63931SON 4 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923002426NHA703H
    4F63931 4 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699374NHA701H
    5F63931SON 5 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923002433NHA703J
    5F63931 5 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699381NHA701J
    6F63931SON 6 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923699510NHA703K
    6F63931 6 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699398NHA701K
    8F63931SON 8 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923699527NHA703L
    8F63931 8 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699404NHA701L
    10F63931SON 10 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923699534NHA703M
    250F63931I 10 250MM ISO FLG PN10039923699657NHA705M
    10F63931 10 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699411NHA701M
    12F63931SON 12 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923699541NHA703N
    12F63931 12 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699428NHA701N
    14F63931SON 14 GATE W/SQ NUT DI039923234513NHA703T
    14F63931 14 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699435NHA701T
    16F63931 16 NRS FLG GATE D I039923699442NHA701U
    16F63931SON 16 GATE W/SQ NUT DINHA703U