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    Gate Valve – Class 125, Cast Iron, Flanged


    The NIBCO® cast iron gate valve provides full flow with minimal pressure drop. The cast iron gate valve features a Class 125 flanged, flat face end connection for easy installation and accessibility. Outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) gate valves are recommended when positive shutoff and a quick visual indicator of open/closed position is required. The OS&Y configuration protects the stem threads from contact with the media.

    • 125 psi/8.6 bar saturated steam to 353°F/178°C
    • 200 psi/13.8 bar non-shock cold working pressure
    • Outside screw and yoke
    • Bolted bonnet
    • Solid wedge
    • Iron body bronze mounted (IBBM)
    • Class 125 flanged flat face end connections
    • Use in U.S. drinking water applications is prohibited after January 3, 2014
    • Conforms to MSS SP-70
    • Size range 2” to 12”
    • SKU
    SizeDescriptionUPCNIBCO #
    2F617O 2 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696441NHA300D
    2F617OGPG 2 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696649NHA30ND
    2F617OTP 2 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706249NHA30TD
    2F617OZ 2" GATE W/BYPASS039923696878NHA3G8D
    2F617OS 2 FLG GATE STEEL STEM CI039923697370NHA3MJD
    2 1/2F617O 21/2 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696458NHA300E
    2 1/2F617OGPG 21/2 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696656NHA30NE
    2 1/2F617OTP 21/2 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706256NHA30TE
    2 1/2F617OZ 21/2 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696885NHA3G8E
    2 1/2F617OS 21/2 FLG GATE STEEL STM CI039923697387NHA3MJE
    3F617O 3 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696465NHA300F
    3F617OGPG 3 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696663NHA30NF
    3F617OTP 3 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706263NHA30TF
    3F617OZ 3 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696892NHA3G8F
    3F617OS 3 FLG GATE STEEL STEM CI039923697394NHA3MJF
    4F617OGPG 4 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696670NHA30NH
    4F617O 4 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696472NHA300H
    4F617OTP 4 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706270NHA30TH
    4F617OZ 4 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696908NHA3G8H
    4F617OS 4 FLG GATE STEEL STEM CI039923697400NHA3MJH
    4F617OB 4 OS&Y FLG GATE CI W/B371 STEM039923697509NHA301H
    5F617OGPG 5 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696687NHA30NJ
    5F617OTP 5 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706287NHA30TJ
    5F617O 5 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696489NHA300J
    5F617OZ 5 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696915NHA3G8J
    6F617OB 6 OS&Y FLG GATE CI W/B371 STEM039923697523NHA301K
    6F617OGPG 6 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696694NHA30NK
    6F617OTP 6 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706294NHA30TK
    6F617OZ 6 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696922NHA3G8K
    6F617O 6 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696496NHA300K
    6F617OS 6 FLG GATE STEEL STEM CI039923697424NHA3MJK
    8F617OB 8 OS&Y FLG GATE CI W/B371 STEM039923697530NHA301L
    8F617OGPG 8 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696700NHA30NL
    8F617OTP 8 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706300NHA30TL
    8F617OZ 8 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696939NHA3G8L
    8F617OS 8 FLG GATE STEEL STEM CI039923697431NHA3MJL
    8F617O 8 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696502NHA300L
    10F617OB 10 OS&Y FLG GATE CI W/B371 STEM039923697547NHA301M
    10F617OGO 10 GATE W/GEAR OPR039923696809NHA304M
    10F617OGPG 10 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696717NHA30NM
    10F617OTP 10 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706317NHA30TM
    10F617OZ 10 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696946NHA3G8M
    10F617OS 10 FLG GATE STEEL STEM CI039923697448NHA3MJM
    10F617O 10 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696519NHA300M
    12F617OB 12 OS&Y FLG GATE CI W/B371 STEM039923697554NHA301N
    12F617OGO 12 GATE W/GEAR OPR039923696816NHA304N
    12F617OGPG 12 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696724NHA30NN
    12F617OTP 12 GATE W/PTFE PKG CI039923706324NHA30TN
    12F617OZ 12 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696953NHA3G8N
    12F617OS 12 FLG GATE STEEL STEM CI039923697455NHA3MJN
    12F617O 12 OS&Y FLG GATE CI039923696526NHA300N
    14F617OB 14 OS&Y FLG GATE CI W/B371 STEM039923697561NHA301T
    14F617OGPG 14 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696731NHA30NT
    14F617OZ 14 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696960NHA3G8T
    16F617OGPG 16 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696748NHA30NU
    16F617OZ 16 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696977NHA3G8U
    18F617OZ 18 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696984NHA3G8V
    20F617OB 20 OS&Y FLG GATE CI W/B371 STEM039923697592NHA301W
    20F617OGPG 20 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696762NHA30NW
    20F617OZ 20 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923696991NHA3G8W
    24F617OGPG 24 W/GRAPHITE PK & GSK039923696779NHA30NX
    24F617OZ 24 GATE W/BY-PASS CI039923697004NHA3G8X