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    Butterfly Valve - Cast Iron, International, Wafer Type, Buna-N Seat


    The NIBCO® international wafer type butterfly valve provides in-line, bubble-tight shutoff at 200 psi, recommended for quick installation and removal from piping. The valve performs well in commercial applications including HVAC and hot/cold potable water.

    • Valve pressure rating 200 psi
    • Maximum 180°F service
    • Buna-N cartridge seat liner
    • Nickel electroplated ductile iron disc
    • Stainless steel stem with bronze bushings
    • Extended neck
    • Operating mechanism: Bare stem, lever-lock operating system, manual gear operator
    • Not recommended for steam service
    • Designed to meet MSS SP-67
    • MSS SP-25 (markings)
    • Designed to meet API 609
    • Size range 2” to 12”
    • SKU
    SizeDescriptionUPCNIBCO #
    2N200146H 2 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/LH039923773340NLJ160D
    2 1/2N200146LH 2-1/2 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/LH039923773357NLJ160E
    3N200146LH 3 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/LH039923773364NLJ160F
    4N200146LH 4 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/LH039923773371NLJ160H
    5N200146LH 5 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/LH039923773388NLJ160J
    6N200146LH 6 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/LH039923773395NLJ160K
    6N200146GO 6 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/GO039923773296NLJ170K
    8N200146LH 8 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/LH039923773401NLJ160L
    8N200146GO 8 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/GO039923773302NLJ170L
    10N200146GO 10 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/GO039923773319NLJ170M
    10N200146LH 10 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/LH039923773418NLJ160M
    12N200146GO 12 WAFER/BUNA/DI BFV W/GO039923773326NLJ170N