• Stay Ahead of Your Data Flow

    NIBCO® Partner May Be Right for You!

    NIBCO Partner is an exclusive program for secure web applications that allow quick access to customer-specific information – and even online order processing.

    How It Works

    With NIBCO Partner, you are in charge! Accessing the information you need is simple. You can place orders whenever you want and get instant answers to your order status or delivery updates no matter where you are. Only an interactive tool as sophisticated as NIBCO Partner can give you this level of control over your business – and over your schedule.

    Stay in Control

    NIBCO Partner makes doing business quicker, cheaper, and more efficient by putting you in control.

    • Online order entry, status, and tracking updates
    • Inventory status and availability
    • Current price checks
    • Reviewable invoices and customizable reports
    • By placing your order through NIBCO Partner or EDI, the order minimum is waived

    The NIBCO® Advantage

    With NIBCO Partner, a wealth of customized information is at your fingertips. By enrolling, you will be able to access many benefits through NIBCO including, but not limited to:

    • Real-time information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Rush ordering solutions for times when yesterday isn’t soon enough
    • A vast online library of price sheets, catalogs, and new product updates
    • Continuously updated product support information
    • The ability to leverage growing and new technology

    Getting On Board

    Want to learn more about NIBCO Partner? You can contact our team directly by phone or email:

    Domestic Customers

    International Customers